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If people keep telling you to quit the habit and you still don't feel like it, you probably have your reasons. It could be fear of missing out on fun with your friends; it could be a lack of the psychological tools that you would otherwise need to handle life's problems; it could be that life simply doesn't feel rewarding enough on its own. If it seems hard to work out the logic of whether you're right or wrong to use addictive substances, there's an easier way to find an answer -- all you need to do is to look at sober people who seem happy to you. If you could be just as happy without drugs, would you quit? If you would, you need to understand that this is exactly what the best drug rehabs in Charlottesville offer you.

Drug and alcohol rehabs don't just make you quit; they help you build an all-new life. Rehab is short for rehabilitation, after all. To receive addiction treatment in Charlottesville such as this, however, you do need to go to a true, medically qualified rehab center, not one of the various fly-by-night operators that every city has.

How Do You Find Such Great Treatment?

The best drug rehabs in Charlottesville can help you find ways not only to quit, but to solve the very problems that sent you down the path of addiction, and rebuild your life. How do you find these great drug and alcohol rehab centers, however? The answer is, you need to search a little, and ask the right questions. If you're not sure what these questions might be, here are ideas.

Do They Have Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

While it is established medical science at this point that addiction is often seen together with one or more psychiatric disorders, very few people struggling with addiction actually realize it. Anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and many other serious and debilitating conditions lurk underneath any addiction, frequently driving such behavior. While many non-serious drug rehab centers simply gloss over this problem, the good ones always include addiction treatment in Charlottesville. It's important to ask a rehab if they offer dual diagnosis treatment and if they offer expertise in the combination of addiction and mental disorder that you suffer from. If they do, they're probably very good.

How Invested Are They in Relapse Prevention Therapy?

People who have never personally experienced addiction or frequently baffled at addictive behaviors. How could anyone keep returning to this activity that ruins their health, their relationships, their job and everything they hold dear, they wonder. Medical science has the answer -- it comes from the permanent brain injury that substance abuse causes.

Excessive use of any addictive substance physically changes the brain in harmful ways. The most prominent area of change comes in the form of removal of the ability to sense the reality of substance abuse. No matter how much harm substance abuse may cause, the brain is simply unable to react with alarm and take appropriate action.

The only way to overcome the effects of such brain injury is to address it with relapse prevention therapy. While therapy cannot directly reverse in the results of such injury, it can offer you ways to work around it through improving psychological health. Relapse prevention therapy is currently the only scientifically valid approach to helping people achieve freedom from addiction over extended periods of time (a period of five years of sobriety is considered satisfactory).

Investigating a rehab's relapse prevention offering is one of the best ways to ensure their ability to rehabilitate patients. Relapse prevention should include not only trigger management to help patients avoid cravings; it should include cognitive-behavioral therapy to correct psychological problems, build motivation and heal areas of mental pain, as well.

It's important to find a rehab center with specific expertise in the addiction that you suffer from, however.

Relapse Prevention Helps You Rebuild

Relapse prevention therapy only partly aims at directly helping people redeem themselves from addiction. Much of such therapy aims to help people achieve improved mental health, motivation, happiness and purpose in life, all through scientifically valid therapeutic treatment. Deep engagement with the therapeutic part of rehab can change lives.

Finding the best drug rehabs in Charlottesville doesn't need to be hard. It should be easy with a few common-sense questions. Once you do find the treatment you need, a good life shouldn't be hard to come by. All you need to ask yourself, then, if you would like to live with the happiness that drugs give you, or if you would like a life that gave you all the happiness with no downside. Call Charlottesville Drug Rehab Centers. (434) 200-9016

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