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It can seem to those who aren't personally familiar with the challenges involved in escaping alcohol addiction, that choosing sobriety should be simple enough: how hard can it be to just stop drinking too much. If alcoholism were as simple, however, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders would not include addiction as a mental disorder; there wouldn't be addiction treatment experts with special qualifications, and insurance companies wouldn't pay to treat addiction. In truth, alcohol addiction is universally recognized by experts as a brain disorder. Rehab is the only way scientifically proven to offer addicts the greatest possible chance of success. If you need help, there are alcohol rehabs in Charlottesville that you can turn to.

Don't Set Yourself Up For Failure

DIY rehab is a popular hobby among thousands of people troubled by alcohol addiction. Interest in such pursuit involves the belief that in reality, addiction is simple enough to escape, that it's a conspiracy to keep the solution secret from the masses.

The general belief tends to be that this difficult medical-psychological-psychiatric challenge can be overcome through willpower and the application of secret formulas. These ideas tend to be evident in the thousands of addiction forum posts around the web that exchange stories of the valiant personal DIY rehab attempts, tips on secret supplements and other wildly imaginative ideas.

As with many street-smart "secrets," these forum posts tend to pass around much baseless information, only managing to stick around because knowledge of the scientific reasons behind addiction tends to be scarce, and most self-styled experts have no idea how to measure success. For instance, many people posting ideas tend to tout a DIY attempt as successful after having remained sober for a mere two months. In professional rehab, however, treatment of a patient isn't termed successful unless sobriety has been evident for two years or longer.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is no mystery. It is the result of changes in the brain brought about by the toxic effects of alcohol. With repeated exposure to alcohol, the brain both physically adapts to the presence of the substance and is physically changed. In accessible terms, it may be easier to understand the addiction process as a form of chemically induced brainwashing -- it creates a deep and unquestioning love of alcohol through specific changes to the brain's reward and learning center.

At alcohol rehab centers, medical treatment takes aim at both of these phenomena. Medical detox in Charlottesville takes aim at the physical dependence of the brain on alcohol; as alcohol use is tapered off, the application of medications calms down adverse reactions in the brain and offers comfort to the patient. Once the brain adapts to the absence of alcohol system, treatment turns to helping deprogram the addict -- the patient's unquestioning love of addiction is addressed. Through deep and extensive therapy, the patient is not only given better mental and psychological health, they are taught to lead a lifestyle in which they completely avoid situations that remind them of alcohol.

None of these treatment processes can ever be practiced at home. It takes qualified rehab. If you're interested in escaping addiction, you need to look for alcohol rehabs in Charlottesville, not look for forum posts by DIY enthusiasts. It's important to seek the help of a reputable addiction treatment center in Charlottesville.

Finding the Right Kind of Alcohol Rehab

it's important to remember that not every alcohol rehab out there is equipped to deliver modern, medically valid treatment. Many alcohol rehabs offer treatment based on obsolete principles or on simple unscientific dogmas. To ensure that rehab does work, you need to put in an effort to ensure that you receive treatment that actually stands a chance of success. The following tips can help.

Look for certification: Accreditation by an industry body such a CARF is a reasonable guarantee of quality treatment. To receive such accreditation, alcohol addiction rehabs put themselves through tests for compliance with hundreds of standards.

Look for mental health care: Addiction is often seen together with psychiatric disorders that underline all efforts at sobriety. Rehab is at its most effective when it addresses the patient's psychiatric health together with an addiction disorder.

Look for the right kind of therapy: When you suffer from alcoholism and a psychiatric condition, you need to make sure that the rehab that you signed up to does possess specific skills in the treatment of those very conditions. Centers that only possess expertise in heroin addiction and schizophrenia, for instance, will not do very well alcohol and anxiety.

When you look for alcohol rehabs in Charlottesville, you are as specific as possible. When you do this, you aren't likely to go far wrong. Call Charlottesville Drug Rehab Centers. (434) 200-9016

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