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Long-term exposure to drugs or alcohol causes an irreversible physical change in the brain. Medically, these changes are viewed as injury or damage -- the physical changes to the brain involved in addiction burn into the mind, so to speak, an emotional attachment to the use of drugs. This is a change that can bring up cravings repeatedly throughout life. Cravings aren't a simple yearning; they are a mental change where the mind loses the ability to see drugs as harmful. Any amount of understanding that may exist simply melts away once cravings appear; one simply feels positive feelings about drugs. It takes long, painstaking therapeutic treatments to learn to rebuild one's life. The most important part of addiction treatment is the time that you're willing to devote to it; hurrying through the process tends to result in poor outcomes. It all comes down to finding the right treatment provider. It's possible to find addiction treatment in Charlottesville and surrounding parts that's just like this.

Put In the Research Needed

It's true of regular medical care, and it makes sense for addiction treatment in Charlottesville, as well: if you're an informed patient, you receive better care. The more you understand about what addiction is and how a treatment works, the better you are able to ensure that the treatment you receive makes sense for you.

Look for Quality Detox Treatment

Drug detox in Charlottesville -- the process by which the brain readjusts to the chemical changes that come about when use of drugs or alcohol is ended -- tends to be a tumultuous one. Chemical changes in the brain often mean terrible mood swings, physical pain, and dangerous cardiac, respiratory and brain reactions.

It's important to remember, however, that who indulge in substance abuse often do so for the escapism; they are usually completely unable to handle the prospect of such serious pain.

In quality detox treatment, patients are treated with compassionate care. Not only are life-threatening symptoms paid attention to, the patient's personal comfort becomes a priority, as well. It is such assurance of freedom from pain that helps convince those addicted that treatment is a good idea. Without such assurances, most people addicted would hesitate to accept treatment.

Look for Inpatient Detox

Addiction being a condition involving brain damage, can be unpredictable to treat. Some patients tend to get better with few complications, and others tend to experience all manner of symptoms.

A great many variables can affect the way in which a given detox treatment program goes -- a patient in poor health will suffer a greater number of complications than one in better health, for example. Other variables include the length of a given addiction, the kinds of drugs taken and so on. The existence of psychiatric disorders is a significant variable, as well. Most addicts do suffer from at least one mental disorder.

It's important to realize that it's simply not possible to predict how straightforward or not any specific treatment course will be. It's best to go in fully prepared. In inpatient detox, patients check into a facility and accept treatment from specialists who constantly re-assess patient needs in the event of complications, and offer timely symptomatic relief. This is a program feature to watch for.

High-Quality Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Charlottesville

Detox can take a few weeks. In some cases involving protracted withdrawal, it can take several months. When detox ends, so do the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This is not to be taken to mean that treatment ends with detox, however.

People who quit treatment at the end of detox usually discover this in a matter of months. Nine out of ten of those who do not pursue further treatment past detox do relapse. Psychological drug and alcohol treatment programs past detox, are the only way to ensure this doesn't happen. It's the most important part of any course at drug and alcohol treatment centers.

As with any therapy, the effectiveness of treatment depends a great deal on the rapport that the patient and the therapist strike up together. It can take a bit of a search to discover the right fit.

Treatment consists of cognitive-behavioral therapy to help patients find ways to avoid stress and other stimuli that might put them in mind of using drugs. This might seem simple, but it can actually be a challenge.

In therapy, patients also learn motivation, they learn to address escapist tendencies, and to address distorted thinking processes, all to gain a better and healthier mental life, overall. The healthier the mind, the less the need there is to turn to substance abuse.

It can take some research to discover good addiction treatment in Charlottesville. You need to go in armed with the right ideas about finding a good treatment. Any effort that you expend is likely to be rewarded well -- with a successful outcome. Call Charlottesville Drug Rehab Centers. (434) 200-9016

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